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Diana McBride said...

Hi, I am looking for a picture of the grave marker of Francis Bailey (1744- 1816), the first American New Churchman. The Messenger did a story about him In July of 1951, with a picture. I have the article but not the picture. Is there any way you can find this and send a digital copy to me? I am a tour guide of a cemetery where his family is buried. He is not buried with the rest of his family. His wife's marker is very hard to read due to natural wear and aging, but I am researching it to see if I can find more information. Any help would be appreciated. I am on a mission to make the family marker more known as historically important.

Malcolm said...

Hi Diana,

Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment. I can't find that picture for you myself but I can give you some leads that might help you track it down.

There is an archive of recent years of The Messenger here but it doesn't go back to 1951. You could try contacting the current editor of The Messenger, Herb Ziegler, at messenger@swedenborg.org or 617-491-5181.

You also could try contacting Erik Sandstrom, the Swedenborgiana Curator, or Gregory Jackson, the Archivist, at the Swedenborg Library. You can find their contact information here.

You can find more information about Francis Bailey in Marguerite Block's The New Church in the New World, which you can download for free in various formats from here. Also, if you go to heavenlydoctrines.org/dtSearch.html, select Books_Monographs under Indexes to Search, and then put in "Francis Bailey" you get 22 hits.

Good luck!