Friday, February 29, 2008

There is Acknowledgment of the Lord in a Good Life

We know that it is important to acknowledge a God - specifically the Lord Jesus Christ; but how do we do this? What does it mean to acknowledge the Lord? Arcana Coelestia 3263:2 provides an interesting perspective on these questions that really broadened my understanding of what acknowledging the Lord means.
[T]here are many among the Gentiles who from rational light know that there is one God; that He has created all things and preserves all things; and also that from Him is all good, consequently all truth; and that likeness to Him makes man blessed; and moreover they live according to their religion, in love to that God and in love toward the neighbor; and from the affection of good they do works of charity, and from the affection of truth they worship the Supreme Being. The Gentiles who are of this character are they who belong to the Lord's spiritual church; and although while in this world they do not know the Lord, yet within themselves they have the worship and tacit acknowledgment of Him when they are in good, for in all good the Lord is present; and therefore in the other life they easily acknowledge Him, and receive the truths of faith in Him more readily than Christians do who are not in good in this way....

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