Saturday, June 7, 2008

Each Person Believes in His Own Way

It can seem like everyone in the New Church should believe the same things in the same way, but we know from experience that that's not the case. Even if two people both believe something that doesn't mean that they'll explain that belief in the same way or that that belief will have the same significance to both of them. I was excited to find a quote that speaks of people believing and perceiving things in their own ways.
That the Lord as to the human was made new, that is, glorified (or what is the same, was made Divine), no one can possibly conceive (thus neither believe) who is in worldly and corporeal loves; for he is altogether ignorant what the spiritual and celestial is, nor indeed is he willing to know. But he who is not in worldly and corporeal loves, is capable of perceiving this, for he believes that the Lord is one with the Father, and that from Him proceeds all that is holy; consequently that He is Divine even as to the Human; and whoever believes, perceives in his own way. (Arcana Coelestia 3212:2)

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