Friday, October 10, 2008

Perspective on the Financial Crisis

As things continue to decline in the markets I'm finding it helpful to think of Arcana Coelestia 8478—particularly this part.
Very different is the case with those who trust in the Divine. These, notwithstanding they have care for the morrow, still have it not, because they do not think of the morrow with solicitude, still less with anxiety. Unruffled is their spirit whether they obtain the objects of their desire, or not; and they do not grieve over the loss of them, being content with their lot. If they become rich, they do not set their hearts on riches; if they are raised to honors, they do not regard themselves as more worthy than others; if they become poor, they are not made sad; if their circumstances are mean, they are not dejected. They know that for those who trust in the Divine all things advance toward a happy state to eternity, and that whatever befalls them in time is still conducive thereto.
Though it's not easy to have the sort of perspective described here, it does certainly seem to be the best one to try to have.

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