Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Great Sermon on Forgiveness

I got a lot out of Rev. Scott Frazier's sermon on forgiveness on Sunday. I particularly appreciated his discussion of what forgiveness is not and how he tied forgiveness together with rejecting hatred.
There are many things that are not forgiveness. Forgiving is not forgetting. Forgiveness is not excusing. It is monstrous to think that all the terrible crimes man commits against man are somehow what the Lord wants.

Only the Lord can forgive sins. The Lord is asking us to reject hatred. Every time we are hurt and we feel that anger and resentment, the hells will attack. The Lord only permits evil for the purpose of temptation, and temptation is only allowed so that we can strengthen good and truth in ourselves. Feeling resentment towards someone is as insane as swallowing poison in the hopes of punishing an enemy.

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Anonymous said...

This was a good sermon. I linked to it from my blog too. I also really liked his points about what is or is not forgiveness.