Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Good Summary of the Difference Between the Teachings of the New Church and Mainstream Christianity

A while ago I discussed Troy Brooks explanation of why Emanuel Swedenborg Was Definitely Unsaved. On that site he actually provides a pretty good explanation of the difference between the teachings of the New Church and the teachings of mainstream Christianity—having copied most of it from John Odhner's web site.

I recently read about a similar thing in a Facebook note by Jordan Cooper. Jordan writes,
In 1996, Darryl Dash (the pastor of Richview Baptist Church in Toronto) gave a sermon on the fallacies of the General Church of the New Jerusalem. .... He posted a chart on the internet comparing this religion to mainstream Christianity.

[H]is description of our beliefs is one of the most accurate and concise I have ever seen. In explaining our inaccuracies from his point of view, he describes our doctrine in a way that is clear to an outsider.
Take a look at it here.

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