Monday, May 4, 2009

Listen to Brother Miller's Radio Show Online

Back in March I alerted you to the fact that the Church of Truth has a web site. However, I've heard that, if you really want to experience the message of the Church of Truth, you need to listen to their radio show. Rev. Jonathan Rose just sent me instructions about how to do that:
Brother Miller's show starts at 6:30pm on Saturdays. It usually runs for an hour, but the second Saturday it runs for two and a half hours. The address is If the system is working correctly (which is most of the time) you should hear a brief burst of sound as soon as you go to the site, then twenty seconds of silence, followed by continuous sound. That silence is a function of the 20-second delay the radio station puts on the signal, apparently.

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Anonymous said...

You say:"This ministry leaves no one out!"
How about homosexuals?