Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mac Frazier is Blogging Again

Rev. Mac Frazier (photo) has started blogging again at The tagline of his blog is "The personal opinions of a New Christian pastor entrepreneur geek punk."

His blog has a little bit of everything—his Twitter feed (mcfrazier), a video of a song he's working on, a page he's created to support Iranian liberty.

The things that most interested me, though, are the posts in the philosophy and church planting sections. Under philosophy Mac explains why he loves Edward Hopper's "The Nighthawks".
In short, I see my work in this painting. This is the church. This is the world. This is evangelism.
Under church planting Mac explains his life's purpose.
In a year and twenty days, I am moving to Austin, Texas. I am going to launch a church.

I have been praying, dreaming, planning, talking, thinking, and researching this move for years. This is where my life has been headed since the beginning. ...

Anyway, I was working on my plan this morning when it occurred to me that it might be useful for me to share on my blog the high level what, why and how of my dream. I started to outline something between a proposal and a manifesto, when I realized that maybe the best way to do it was as an FAQ list. So that’s what I’m starting. This is just the preamble; each question will be handled in its own blog post, over time as I get to them. For now, here are the articles I will probably write: ...

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