Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Spirits Who Are With Us

I was researching what Swedenborg's Writings say about the spirits that are with us and was glad to find a great New Church Life article about it from 1906 (by searching on NewSearch4). In "Our Attendant Spirits" (PDF) Rev. C. Th. Odhner covers a lot of different topics. He talks about ancient ideas of attendant spirits; he makes sense of some seemingly contradictory statements in the Writings about how many spirits are with us and whether or not the spirits with us are angels and devils. He also talks about Deja Vu (or second memory) and guardian angels.

It's not a short article (19 pages at 1.5 spacing as I've formatted it) but it's definitely worth reading and I'm sure you'll learn something new if you do.


Brian Donald Smith said...

Do you think I'll learn anything new if C Th. Odhner has been hanging around me as an attendant spirit? I sorta think he's already told me everything he has to say.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that.

Have you read this:

I wonder if PKD was experiencing an instance of "second memory"...