Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Collection of Images of Swedenborg

In this week's Bryn Athyn Post Marvin Clymer writes,
If you would like to see a photograph of Emanuel Swedenborg you are not alone. Unfortunately (or Providentially), he was never photographed, primarily because the first camera was not invented until 67 years after his death. So how do we know what he looked like? Fortunately (Providentially), prominent members of society in the 18th century, including Swedenborg, hired artists to paint their portraits. If more paintings were needed artists often painted copies of the original portraits. In the case of famous people, like Swedenborg, artists created their own renditions many years later based on earlier paintings. Naturally, some were more accurate than others. A nice collection of images of Swedenborg can be viewed online in Swedenborg Library Digital Collections.
Check out the Swedenborg Library Digital Collections and the collection of images of Swedenborg.

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