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Find the Context of Passages from Arcana Coelestia

When I'm researching something in the Writings (the teachings of the New Church written by Emanuel Swedenborg) I often want to understand the context of what I'm reading. I want to know what chapter and section I'm reading from. In most cases I can find out what I want to know from looking at the tables of contents for the individual works on the Read the Revelation page of (See, for example, the page for New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine.)

Passages from Arcana Coelestia (or Secrets of Heaven) are some of the main ones that I want context for—I want to know what text is being explained and what the general subject of the chapter is. If you look at the page for Arcana Coelestia on Swedenborg Digital Library, the first thing you'll see is a break out of all the doctrinal explanations that are interspersed between the explanations of the stories. This is helpful but not what I'm often looking for. If you read carefully, you'll see that you can also jump down to Auxilary Contents, which does tell you where the explanation of each chapter begins but not where it ends.

I wanted a little bit more so I decided to put together the tool below. A couple of notes: Typically the summary of the inner meaning of the chapter is the next passage after the first one listed for each chapter. The Kempton Project links take you to a more accurate translation of the text from the Word (read more about that here) and let you research where else in the Writings that text is discussed. The Bible Study Tools links take you to the New King James Version of the text on the very useful And the chapter summaries come from here. I put this together mostly as a tool for myself but let me know if you find it useful or think of ways that it could be made better.

UPDATE: With help from Ian Thompson, the creator of, the Arcana Coelestia links now take you to the relevant portion of that site. You'll find that it gives you a very handy interface for exploring the context of a given passage from Arcana Coelestia.

If you want to jump directly to a specific passage on copy this URL and put the passage number you want at the end: (e.g.


Arcana Coelestia Passage Context Finder

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6 - 66 | Genesis 1
God created the heaven, the earth, plants, animals and man in six days
Genesis 1 on Kempton Project
Genesis 1 on Bible Study Tools

73 - 167 | Genesis 2
God blessed the seventh day; extra details of creation and the newly created earth
Genesis 2 on Kempton Project
Genesis 2 on Bible Study Tools

190 - 313 | Genesis 3
The serpent deceived Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden; God curses the earth; Adam and Eve sent out of the garden of Eden
Genesis 3 on Kempton Project
Genesis 3 on Bible Study Tools

324 - 442 | Genesis 4
Cain kills Abel; God curses Cain; Cain's descendants and family history
Genesis 4 on Kempton Project
Genesis 4 on Bible Study Tools

460 - 536 | Genesis 5
Family history of the line of sons from Adam to Noah
Genesis 5 on Kempton Project
Genesis 5 on Bible Study Tools

554 - 683 | Genesis 6
Wickedness in the earth increased; God declares to destroy the world; God commands Noah to build an ark
Genesis 6 on Kempton Project
Genesis 6 on Bible Study Tools

701 - 813 | Genesis 7
Noah, his family, and animals enter ark; flood covers whole earth; all humans and land creatures outside ark destroyed
Genesis 7 on Kempton Project
Genesis 7 on Bible Study Tools

832 - 937 | Genesis 8
The flood ends and the waters recede; Noah, his family and the animals exit the ark; Noah made a burnt offering to God
Genesis 8 on Kempton Project
Genesis 8 on Bible Study Tools

971 - 1105 | Genesis 9
God blesses Noah & family, outlines new diet, makes "anti-world flood" covenant; Noah gets drunk; Noah dies
Genesis 9 on Kempton Project
Genesis 9 on Bible Study Tools

1130 - 1264 | Genesis 10
Family history of Shem, Ham and Japheth, the sons of Noah
Genesis 10 on Kempton Project
Genesis 10 on Bible Study Tools

1279 - 1375 | Genesis 11
Tower of Babel built; LORD scatters & confounds the people from Babel; family history of Shem’s descendants to Abram
Genesis 11 on Kempton Project
Genesis 11 on Bible Study Tools

1401 - 1503 | Genesis 12
LORD calls Abram out of his own country; Abram moves to Canaan, Bethel & Egypt; Abram lies to Egyptians about Sarai
Genesis 12 on Kempton Project
Genesis 12 on Bible Study Tools

1535 - 1618 | Genesis 13
Abram moves back to Bethel; Lot departs to Jordan; Abram moves to Canaan; LORD promises land & many descendants to Abram
Genesis 13 on Kempton Project
Genesis 13 on Bible Study Tools

1651 - 1756 | Genesis 14
War between kings in vale of Siddim; Lot taken captive in the war; Abram brought back Lot; Melchizedek blesses the LORD
Genesis 14 on Kempton Project
Genesis 14 on Bible Study Tools

1778 - 1868 | Genesis 15
LORD’s word comes to Abram; LORD tells Abram the future of his descendants; LORD makes covenant with Abram
Genesis 15 on Kempton Project
Genesis 15 on Bible Study Tools

1890 - 1965 | Genesis 16
Sarai barren; Hagar given to Abram; Hagar conceives; Hagar flees to wilderness, then returns; Ishmael born to Hagar & Abram
Genesis 16 on Kempton Project
Genesis 16 on Bible Study Tools

1985 - 2116 | Genesis 17
Abram becomes Abraham; Sarai becomes Sarah; circumcision introduced to Abraham’s household
Genesis 17 on Kempton Project
Genesis 17 on Bible Study Tools

2136 - 2288 | Genesis 18
The Lord & two angels appear to Abraham; they said Sarah would have a son; Abraham reasoned with the Lord about Sodom
Genesis 18 on Kempton Project
Genesis 18 on Bible Study Tools

2312 - 2468 | Genesis 19
Two angels met Lot in Sodom; Lot & family leave Sodom; Sodom & Gomorrah destroyed; Lot’s daughters give birth
Genesis 19 on Kempton Project
Genesis 19 on Bible Study Tools

2496 - 2588 | Genesis 20
Abraham moved to Gerar, said to Abimelech (king of Gerar) that Sarah was his sister; Abimelech gave gifts to Abraham
Genesis 20 on Kempton Project
Genesis 20 on Bible Study Tools

2610 - 2726 | Genesis 21
Isaac born; Ishmael mocks; Hagar & Ishmael sent away; Ishmael grows up; Abraham makes covenant with Abimelech
Genesis 21 on Kempton Project
Genesis 21 on Bible Study Tools

2764 - 2869 | Genesis 22
God asks Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, but God prevents it, and ram sacrificed instead; descendants of Nahor, Abraham’s brother
Genesis 22 on Kempton Project
Genesis 22 on Bible Study Tools

2901 - 2986 | Genesis 23
Sarah died; Abraham purchases field of Ephron to use the cave as a burying place for Sarah; Sarah buried
Genesis 23 on Kempton Project
Genesis 23 on Bible Study Tools

3012 - 3212 | Genesis 24
Abraham’s eldest servant takes Rebekah from Abraham’s original home country as wife for Isaac and they are married
Genesis 24 on Kempton Project
Genesis 24 on Bible Study Tools

3230 - 3336 | Genesis 25
Abraham remarries; Abraham dies; Ishmael's family history; Jacob and Esau born; Esau sells birthright to Jacob
Genesis 25 on Kempton Project
Genesis 25 on Bible Study Tools

3357 - 3471 | Genesis 26
Isaac goes to Gerar, lies about Rebekah; Lord blesses Isaac; Abimelech and Isaac make peace covenant; Esau marries
Genesis 26 on Kempton Project
Genesis 26 on Bible Study Tools

3490 - 3623 | Genesis 27
Isaac grows old & requests meat from Esau; Jacob pretends to be Esau, tricks Isaac & obtains Esau’s blessing; Esau hates Jacob
Genesis 27 on Kempton Project
Genesis 27 on Bible Study Tools

3656 - 3740 | Genesis 28
Isaac blesses Jacob & sends him to Laban in Haran; Esau marries again; Jacob sleeps at Bethel & dreams about ladder to heaven
Genesis 28 on Kempton Project
Genesis 28 on Bible Study Tools

3758 - 3882 | Genesis 29
Jacob meets Laban; Jacob works for Laban to marry Leah & Rachel; Laban tricks Jacob; Leah bares Reuben, Simeon, Levi & Judah
Genesis 29 on Kempton Project
Genesis 29 on Bible Study Tools

3902 - 4308 | Genesis 30
Dan, Naphtali, Gad & Asher born to maids; Leah bares Issachar, Zebulun & Dinah; Rachel bares Joseph; Jacob’s cattle increase
Genesis 30 on Kempton Project
Genesis 30 on Bible Study Tools

4061 - 4217 | Genesis 31
Jacob secretly leaves Laban for Canaan; Rachel steals Laban’s images; Laban chases Jacob; Jacob & Laban make peace covenant
Genesis 31 on Kempton Project
Genesis 31 on Bible Study Tools

4232 - 4317 | Genesis 32
Angels of God meet Jacob; Jacob fears Esau; Jacob gives to Esau; Jacob wrestles with God; Jacob’s name changed to Israel
Genesis 32 on Kempton Project
Genesis 32 on Bible Study Tools

4336 - 4402 | Genesis 33
Jacob and Esau meet; Esau receives Jacob’s gift; Esau returns to Seir; Jacob journeys to Succoth, then Shalem and erects altar
Genesis 33 on Kempton Project
Genesis 33 on Bible Study Tools

4425 - 4522 | Genesis 34
Shechem son of Hamor lies with Dinah; Hamor asks for Dinah; males in Shechem’s city circumcised, later killed by Simeon & Levi
Genesis 34 on Kempton Project
Genesis 34 on Bible Study Tools

4536 - 4621 | Genesis 35
Jacob moves to Bethel; God promises to Jacob, changes name to Israel; Deborah dies; Rachel bares Benjamin then dies; Isaac dies
Genesis 35 on Kempton Project
Genesis 35 on Bible Study Tools

4639 - 4651 | Genesis 36
Esau marries Adah, Aholibamah & Bashemath from Canaan, has children, many cattle, dwells in Mt Seir; descendants of Esau named
Genesis 36 on Kempton Project
Genesis 36 on Bible Study Tools

4665 - 4790 | Genesis 37
Jacob dwells in Canaan; Joseph has dreams, hated by brothers, visits brothers in Dothan, sold to Ishmaelites, taken to Egypt
Genesis 37 on Kempton Project
Genesis 37 on Bible Study Tools

4811 - 4930 | Genesis 38
Judah sleeps with Shuah, bares Er, Onan & Shelah; Er marries Tamar; Er dies; Tamar acts as harlot, lies with Judah, bares twins
Genesis 38 on Kempton Project
Genesis 38 on Bible Study Tools

4960 - 5049 | Genesis 39
Joseph taken to Egypt, bought by Potiphar, made overseer, tempted by Potiphar’s wife, he refused, was jailed, prospered in jail
Genesis 39 on Kempton Project
Genesis 39 on Bible Study Tools

5072 - 5170 | Genesis 40
Pharaoh’s baker & butler offend king, cast into prison, have dreams; Joseph interprets dreams; butler restored; baker killed
Genesis 40 on Kempton Project
Genesis 40 on Bible Study Tools

5191 - 5376 | Genesis 41
Pharaoh dreams, is troubled, calls Joseph; Joseph interprets dreams, made ruler of Egypt, marries, has 2 children; 7 yrs famine
Genesis 41 on Kempton Project
Genesis 41 on Bible Study Tools

5397 - 5551 | Genesis 42
Joseph’s ten brothers go to Egypt to buy corn; Joseph accuses his brothers of being spies & requests Benjamin to come to Egypt
Genesis 42 on Kempton Project
Genesis 42 on Bible Study Tools

5574 - 5710 | Genesis 43
Joseph’s brothers go with Benjamin & double money to Egypt again; Joseph has feast with his brothers, favors Benjamin
Genesis 43 on Kempton Project
Genesis 43 on Bible Study Tools

5728 - 5866 | Genesis 44
Joseph accuses brothers of stealing his silver cup, requires Benjamin to stay in Egypt; Judah offers to take Benjamin’s place
Genesis 44 on Kempton Project
Genesis 44 on Bible Study Tools

5867 - 5975 | Genesis 45
Joseph reveals himself to his brothers, offers gifts & land of Goshen to his father & brothers; his brothers return to Canaan
Genesis 45 on Kempton Project
Genesis 45 on Bible Study Tools

5994 - 6052 | Genesis 46
God reveals to Israel to go to Egypt; Jacob & all his household move to Egypt; Descendants of Israel listed; Joseph sees Israel
Genesis 46 on Kempton Project
Genesis 46 on Bible Study Tools

6059 - 6188 | Genesis 47
Pharaoh meets Joseph’s father & brothers, offers them best land in Egypt; famine worsens; Egyptians trade cattle, land for food
Genesis 47 on Kempton Project
Genesis 47 on Bible Study Tools

6216 - 6306 | Genesis 48
Joseph & his two sons, Manasseh & Ephraim, meet Jacob; Jacob blesses Joseph’s two sons, saying the younger shall be greater
Genesis 48 on Kempton Project
Genesis 48 on Bible Study Tools

6328 - 6465 | Genesis 49
Jacob gathers his 12 sons, commands, blesses & prophecies concerning them, charges them to bury him with his father; Jacob dies
Genesis 49 on Kempton Project
Genesis 49 on Bible Study Tools

6497 - 6597 | Genesis 50
Jacob is embalmed, mourned for; Joseph, family & Egyptians bury Jacob in Canaan; Joseph forgives his brothers; Joseph dies
Genesis 50 on Kempton Project
Genesis 50 on Bible Study Tools


6634 - 6694 | Exodus 1
Children of Israel multiply in Egypt, are dreaded by new king of Egypt, made slaves by new king who tries to kill all baby boys
Exodus 1 on Kempton Project
Exodus 1 on Bible Study Tools

6713 - 6806 | Exodus 2
Moses born, raised, served Pharaoh, killed an Egyptian, fled to Midian, married, bares Gershom; God hears Israel’s cry
Exodus 2 on Kempton Project
Exodus 2 on Bible Study Tools

6825 - 6920 | Exodus 3
God calls Moses from burning bush to ask king of Egypt to let Israel go, to say “I AM” has sent you; God will deliver Israel
Exodus 3 on Kempton Project
Exodus 3 on Bible Study Tools

6939 - 7068 | Exodus 4
Moses resists God’s call; God gives signs to Moses; Moses returns to Egypt, performs signs to Israel, who believed & worshiped
Exodus 4 on Kempton Project
Exodus 4 on Bible Study Tools

7087 - 7169 | Exodus 5
Moses asks Pharaoh to let Israel go; Pharaoh refuses, increases work of Israel; Israel blames Moses; Moses asks God why
Exodus 5 on Kempton Project
Exodus 5 on Bible Study Tools

7183 - 7245 | Exodus 6
God tells Moses He will deliver Israel, keep His covenant, asks him to speak with Pharaoh; descendants of Israel listed
Exodus 6 on Kempton Project
Exodus 6 on Bible Study Tools

7264 - 7357 | Exodus 7
God speaks with Moses; Moses & Aaron see Pharaoh; rods becomes serpents; waters of Egypt become blood; Pharaoh’s heart hardened
Exodus 7 on Kempton Project
Exodus 7 on Bible Study Tools

7378 - 7474 | Exodus 8
Plague of frogs, plague of lice & plague of flies come on Egypt; Pharaoh says Israel can go, but changes his mind
Exodus 8 on Kempton Project
Exodus 8 on Bible Study Tools

7495 - 7619 | Exodus 9
God instructs Moses; plague of livestock, plague of boils, plague of hail; Pharaoh admits sin but later hardens his heart
Exodus 9 on Kempton Project
Exodus 9 on Bible Study Tools

7628 - 7741 | Exodus 10
Moses talks with Pharaoh; plague of locusts; Pharaoh repents, hardens heart; plague of darkness; Pharaoh threatens Moses
Exodus 10 on Kempton Project
Exodus 10 on Bible Study Tools

7763 - 7798 | Exodus 11
God speaks with Moses; Moses tells Pharaoh that the firstborn Egyptians will die, Israel will go free; God speaks with Moses
Exodus 11 on Kempton Project
Exodus 11 on Bible Study Tools

7822 - 8020 | Exodus 12
Passover; Firstborn of Egypt die; Pharaoh tells Israel to go; God delivers Israel out of Egypt; Feast of Unleavened Bread
Exodus 12 on Kempton Project
Exodus 12 on Bible Study Tools

8038 - 8110 | Exodus 13
LORD speaks Consecration of Firstborn of Israel & Feast of Unleavened Bread, leads Israel in wilderness by cloud & fire
Exodus 13 on Kempton Project
Exodus 13 on Bible Study Tools

8125 - 8241 | Exodus 14
Israel camps by Red Sea, pursued by Pharaoh, complains, protected by cloud, miraculously cross Red Sea; Egyptians drown in Sea
Exodus 14 on Kempton Project
Exodus 14 on Bible Study Tools

8258 - 8370 | Exodus 15
Israel sings victory song; Miriam & women dance; bitter water at Marah made sweet; God promises health; Israel comes to Elim
Exodus 15 on Kempton Project
Exodus 15 on Bible Study Tools

8395 - 8540 | Exodus 16
Israel comes to Wilderness of Sin, complain about lack of food; God sends quails and manna; some Israelites ignore manna rules
Exodus 16 on Kempton Project
Exodus 16 on Bible Study Tools

8554 - 8626 | Exodus 17
Israel comes to Rephidim, complains about no water; Moses strikes rock, water comes out; Israel wins battle against Amalek
Exodus 17 on Kempton Project
Exodus 17 on Bible Study Tools

8641 - 8732 | Exodus 18
Jethro brings Moses family back to him, visits Moses; Moses shares God’s leading with Jethro, delegates leadership to rulers
Exodus 18 on Kempton Project
Exodus 18 on Bible Study Tools

8748 - 8845 | Exodus 19
Israelites camp at Mt Sinai; Moses meets God on Sinai, carries messages between Israelites & LORD; LORD descends on Mt Sinai
Exodus 19 on Kempton Project
Exodus 19 on Bible Study Tools

8859 - 8946 | Exodus 20
God speaks Ten Commandments to Israel: Worship God, Keep Sabbath, honor parents, don’t murder, commit adultery, steal, lie or covet
Exodus 20 on Kempton Project
Exodus 20 on Bible Study Tools

8970 - 9103 | Exodus 21
God speaks to Moses laws of slaves, killing, striking, beating, fighting, hurting & repayment for humans & animals; eye for eye
Exodus 21 on Kempton Project
Exodus 21 on Bible Study Tools

9123 - 9231 | Exodus 22
God speaks to Moses laws of theft, restitution, trespassing, borrowing, betrothal, sorcerers, oppression, loans, first fruits
Exodus 22 on Kempton Project
Exodus 22 on Bible Study Tools

9246 - 9349 | Exodus 23
God speaks to Moses laws of justice, 7th year, 7th day, 3 annual feasts, other gods; the Angel & promise to overcome nations
Exodus 23 on Kempton Project
Exodus 23 on Bible Study Tools

9370 - 9437 | Exodus 24
Moses tells Israel God’s laws; Israel agrees; Moses & elders see God on mount; Moses alone ascends into the mountain to God
Exodus 24 on Kempton Project
Exodus 24 on Bible Study Tools

9455 - 9577 | Exodus 25
God speaks to Moses: Israel to bring offerings; make a sanctuary; description of ark of Testimony, showbread table & lamp stand
Exodus 25 on Kempton Project
Exodus 25 on Bible Study Tools

9592 - 9692 | Exodus 26
God describes to Moses the design of tabernacle curtains, roof, rods & boards, Holy & Most Holy places, & furniture location
Exodus 26 on Kempton Project
Exodus 26 on Bible Study Tools

9710 - 9789 | Exodus 27
God describes to Moses the design of alter of sacrifice & utensils, courtyard curtains & pillars; God requests oil from Israel
Exodus 27 on Kempton Project
Exodus 27 on Bible Study Tools

9804 - 9966 | Exodus 28
Aaron & sons chosen as priests; God describes to Moses the priests’ garments: breastplate, ephod, robe, tunic, turban & sash
Exodus 28 on Kempton Project
Exodus 28 on Bible Study Tools

9985 - 10158 | Exodus 29
God describes to Moses the consecration of Aaron & sons as priests, including offerings; morning & evening sacrifice described
Exodus 29 on Kempton Project
Exodus 29 on Bible Study Tools

10176 - 10310 | Exodus 30
God tells Moses description, design & usage of alter of incense, census ransom offering, laver & holy ointment
Exodus 30 on Kempton Project
Exodus 30 on Bible Study Tools

10326 - 10376 | Exodus 31
God tells Moses who He chose as artisans for tabernacle, explains Sabbath, gives two stone tablets of the Testimony to Moses
Exodus 31 on Kempton Project
Exodus 31 on Bible Study Tools

10393 - 10512 | Exodus 32
Aaron leads Israel in making golden calf & false worship; God displeased; Moses pleads for Israel; Levi chooses God; 3000 die
Exodus 32 on Kempton Project
Exodus 32 on Bible Study Tools

10523 - 10584 | Exodus 33
God commands Israel to depart to Canaan, calls Israel stiff-necked; Moses meets God in tabernacle, finds grace in God’s sight
Exodus 33 on Kempton Project
Exodus 33 on Bible Study Tools

10598 - 10707 | Exodus 34
Lord’s name proclaimed; God’s covenant with Israel; feasts reviewed; new stone tablets for Ten Commandments; Moses’ face shines
Exodus 34 on Kempton Project
Exodus 34 on Bible Study Tools

10725 - 10733 | Exodus 35
Moses tells Israel about sabbath, asks for sanctuary offerings; offerings given; Bezaleel & Aholiab called to make sanctuary
Exodus 35 on Kempton Project
Exodus 35 on Bible Study Tools

10750 - 10750 | Exodus 36
Children of Israel bring too many offerings for the sanctuary; construction of outer parts of sanctuary begins
Exodus 36 on Kempton Project
Exodus 36 on Bible Study Tools

10767 - 10767 | Exodus 37
Bezalel makes ark, mercy seat, cherubim, table, lamp stand, incense altar & holy oil; design of inside furniture described
Exodus 37 on Kempton Project
Exodus 37 on Bible Study Tools

10782 - 10782 | Exodus 38
Bezalel makes altar of burnt offering & utensils, laver, courtyard curtains & gate; tabernacle materials & amounts listed
Exodus 38 on Kempton Project
Exodus 38 on Bible Study Tools

10807 - 10807 | Exodus 39
Garments of ministry, ephod, breastplate, robe, tunic & crown made; tabernacle & materials completed, brought to Moses
Exodus 39 on Kempton Project
Exodus 39 on Bible Study Tools

10832 - 10832 | Exodus 40
Moses sets up the tabernacle, install furniture, anoints priests; LORD fills tabernacle; cloud covers tabernacle, leads Israel
Exodus 40 on Kempton Project
Exodus 40 on Bible Study Tools

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