Thursday, October 7, 2010

Help Create an Accurate Picture of Present Day Thought on Swedenborg's Writings

Wendy Soneson is working on an article about what people these days think about Swedenborg's Writings. To this end she's created two short surveys to get input from people about what they believe. I took the "Defining Faith" survey and found it an interesting exercise and I'm even more interested to read the article that she writes. (I'll be sure to post a link to the article once it's written and published.)

Here's an introductory note from Wendy and links to the 2 surveys.
Dear Friends of Swedenborg,

I am collected data from two anonymous surveys for an article on present day thinking and belief among those familiar with Swedenborg’s Writings.

If you like to think about questions concerning your belief system, and have five minutes for either of these anonymous surveys (you would only be able to qualify for one), I would so much appreciate the information for my article. I will not know the names or emails of anyone who participates, or if you participate or not. Thank you.

Defining Faith
This survey is for those who are familiar with the Writings and think of themselves as generally in the category of a main stream General Church thinker.

That’s Me in the Corner
This survey is for those who are familiar with the Writings but do not think of themselves as mainstream General Church thinkers.

Contact Wendy with any questions at

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