Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Change the Locks!

Rev. George McCurdy gave a great sermon about the need to make the Lord and the Word the center of our lives. He said,
You and I have come here today to listen to the Word of the Lord so that in some way we can do reparation - we can get Him back into the center - and not have Him on the circumference.
He quoted Doctrine of the Sacred Scripture 111:
[W]ithout the Word there is no rational conception of the Lord, and thus no salvation... it therefore pleased the Lord to descend from heaven; and, coming into the world, to fulfill the Word, and thus to renew and restore it, giving light again to the inhabitants of the earth....
Using Obadiah, Haggai, and Micah he demonstrated how the questions asked by the prophets were answered by the Lord when He came on earth.

He talked about how hell tries to keep us from having the Lord as the center of our lives.
What hell wants to do is have us say, “I can't read the Word. I'm not bright enough. It's repetitive.” You know all the things people say about the Word.
He also talked about how True Christian Religion 320 describes people who think nothing of the truth as being like thieves who carry keys that they can use to open the door of any house and said,
What the Lord is saying is, “Friends, there are spiritual thieves and robbers out there with keys into any house. Change the locks!”

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