Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Welcome to New Church Thought

The goal of New Church Thought is to collect good passages, good sermons, good articles, good posts, and good news, and to present them in short posts.

This will not be a journal of my own reflections but rather a regularly updated Instapundit.com-style collection of links to other people's thoughts.

From what I hear, a successful blog must be self-serving. If it becomes a chore to maintain it, you won't; if you enjoy maintaining it, you will. Therefore, New Church Thought will be a record of the New Church thought that I wanted to keep track of anyway. I just heard a good sermon about the still small voice. I just read a cool passage about terminology used in the Heavenly Doctrines. I just ran across an interesting blog post about enslavement. Right now I remember where to find those things; in a year, I won't. Therefore, I want an easy way to keep track of them. Therefore, New Church Thought.

I am not interested in this turning into a place for argument. However, “one tone does not produce any melody, still less harmony, so neither does one truth” (Arcana Coelestia 4197:7). I would love it if each thing I posted had a string of comments after it with links to other passages, articles, etc. that provide more New Church thoughts about the topic.

I mean what I say about short posts. Something may come up, but my current rule is that all posts will be shorter than 300 words. This means that I have to quote very sparingly. If something I quote seems interesting but not complete, follow the link and read the full thing.

Any feedback you have is much appreciated. Comment on this post or send me an email.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Good format for collecting and cataloging ideas. I've got notebooks, pads, clipboards, computer documents, bookmarks scattered everywhere. Hmmm...
The short abstracts are nice too.
Truth will always keep growing just out of reach, even if we organize a lot of it, but that's okay.

Lori Odhner said...

Pretty cool idea! I will enjoy visiting it. ( if that is what you do with blogs, I am over 50 so not sure)

Dagfinn Koch said...

I really like this initiative! It is inspiring thoughts for the daily life. Keep up the good work!