Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Heavenly Doctrines Indicate that the Books of Chronicles Are True

The books of Chronicles are not listed among those that have an internal sense in Arcana Coelestia 10325 and are therefore not included in the New Church canon. However, if you search the Heavenly Doctrines you find that they cite the books of Chronicles over 20 times and even quote them a couple of times. Most often they cite 1 Chronicles 5:1 about why Reuben lost his birthright. It seems then that, according to the Heavenly Doctrines, the books of Chronicles are still true, even though they do not have an internal sense.

Here's one example of a passage that quotes Chronicles:
That the “land of Moriah” means a place of temptation, is manifest from Abraham's being commanded to go thither and offer up his son as a burnt-offering, and thus to undergo the extremity of temptation. That Jerusalem, where the Lord Himself endured the extremity of temptation, was in the same land, is evident from the fact that an altar was built by David on Mount Moriah, and afterwards the temple by Solomon; as is manifest from the book of Chronicles:

“Solomon began to build the house of Jehovah in Jerusalem, on Mount Moriah, which was seen by David his father, in the place which David prepared in the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite” (2 Chron. 3:1; compare 1 Chron. 21:16-28 with 2 Sam. 24:16-25). (Arcana Coelestia 2775)

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