Monday, March 23, 2009

Hyperlinked New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine

Theolog Coleman Glenn just sent me this in an email:
I just found out that, which has the text of the Word linked to the Writings and New Church commentaries, also has the whole text of NJHD with hyperlinks to all the Arcana references. I'm finding it very useful for research.
NJHD stands for New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine and is a short summary work written by Swedenborg after his 8 volume (in Latin) Arcana Coelestia. At the end of each chapter (which are on topics such as the internal and external man, conscience, and temptation) there are extensive references to places in Arcana Coelestia where that topic is discussed more fully. Having all of those references hyperlinked makes it much easier to look them all up.

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Ian Thompson said...

I'm glad you found this useful. It was made using perl to recognize the AC references.

Now you mention it, I see chapter 19 does do not have hyperlinks right to the end. Some work to do!

Note that the site embeds linked versions also of AC, AR as well as NJHD. There are unlinked versions of TCR and The Lord.