Monday, March 16, 2009

Read Parts of Swedenborg Concordance Online

Glancing around the Swedenborg Digital Library I found a page with links to parts of Potts' Swedenborg Concordance that are available to read online through Google Book Search. It's not the same as being able to digitally search and copy and paste the text and click on the references and view them (which I'm hoping will happen in my lifetime) but it's a start.

I've now discovered that you can "Download PDFs of Pott's Concordance". You might also be interested to read Stephen Cole on Using Pott's Concordance vs. Electronic Tools for Studying the Heavenly Doctrines


Joshua said...

I was searching google for the concordance and this was one of the first few results. :)

I wonder why Google Books only shows some sections of the concordance.

Malcolm said...

Hi Josh,

That's cool that this was one of the first few results.

I've updated the post to include links to some other posts I've written about Pott's Concordance. If you're searching for the concordance online you'll probably be interested to know that you can now download PDFs of it.