Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Buildings that Look Like the Temple of Wisdom

In Heaven and Hell class today Rev. Andy Dibb pointed out that there are a couple of buildings that have some similarities to the Temple of Wisdom that Swedenborg describes in True Christian Religion 508:1-2 and True Christian Religion 387:2. The two best examples that I could find were Chiswick House and La Rotonda. Do these pictures look to you like these two descriptions?
One day there appeared to me a magnificent temple, square in form, the roof of which was crown-shaped, arched above and raised round about; its walls were continuous windows of crystal; its door was of a pearly substance. (True Christian Religion 508:1)

In form it was wonderful. It was elevated high above the ground; it was four-square, with walls of crystal, a gracefully-arched roof of transparent jasper; and a substructure of various precious stones. The steps for ascent into it were of polished alabaster. At the sides of the steps there appeared figures of lions and their whelps. (True Christian Religion 387:2)

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