Friday, April 3, 2009

Listen to Jason Schnarr's New Album on Curtis Radio

Jason Schnarr has recorded an album based on New Church teachings about the 7 days of creation called "7 Days." On Saturday Jason was on Curtis Childs' radio show on (the radio station of Oakland University) to talk about the album. In the course of the hour-long show they talk about what inspired Jason to make the album, what's going on in the different tracks, spiritual rebirth, and rockin' music. If you're a fan of Jason and Curtis you'll have a great time listening to them hanging out. They also listen to the entire album.

If you're familiar with Jason's previous work with bands like Human this album will sound familiar. But this album also has a lot more to it—there are hard rocking tracks but there are also more reflective tracks; there's electric guitar and drums but there are also strings, flute, and bells; there's angst but there's also quotes from the Old Testament and terms from the Writings woven in. It never gets too theological: the lyrics are obviously influenced by Arcana Coelestia's explanation of the days of creation but it's translated into everyday thoughts and language. I particularly enjoy Jason's Glen Hansard-like willingness to sing at the top of his lungs and the often hauntingly beautiful vocal harmonies provided by Heidi McCardell.

To listen to the show go to and click on Curtchives and look for "Jason Schnarr CD release," click play and fast-forward to 3:37. Or, you can listen to 4 of the tracks on Human's MySpace.

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Kertus Jildes said...

Oh my gosh that show was so great! Best thing to come out of the twenty-first century so far. Period.