Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Read Recent Comments on New Church Thought

I'm a little ridiculously excited to announce that I've added a Recent Comments gadget to New Church Thought. This means that you can now see what people have been saying recently. For example, in the last week, Chuck Ebert, who is in charge of HeavenlyDoctrines.org, commented on the search engine review with some details about the difference between the online and desktop versions of the STAIRS project; Alison Longstaff commented on "What to do when the New Church is Accused of Being a Cult" that perhaps people have a point when they accuse the General Church and Nova Hierosalyma of being a cult; and Kertus Jildes commented on the post about Curtis Childs' radio show that the show was the "Best thing to come out of the twenty-first century so far. Period."

So if you're interested in what's being said or want to join in the conversation, look for the Recent Comments gadget on the right-hand side of the blog.

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