Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Parallel Passages Tool

A while ago Freya Fitzpatrick, who is working on a new, critical edition of the Latin text of True Christian Religion, sent me a parallel passages spreadsheet (.xls) that she put together. I've now finally figured out a way to make it available to people online.

Here's Freya's introduction to the document:
This is not a complete or definitive listing of all possible parallel passages. These parallels have been compiled over many years by different people for use in a variety of specific works. I have simply transcribed their work into a database. There may be other sources of parallel passages I am unaware of and have not included. There may be books of the Writings for which no-one has yet researched parallel passages. I have not checked for the original accuracy of the parallels. If someone else says a passage is parallel, I have taken his word for it. Nor have I checked the accuracy of my typing. So, please pardon any errors.
Now all we need is for someone to incorporate this into one of the search engines.

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